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In a world of instant anything, the importance of real outdoors must be experienced and shared. Where we're experts we'll share, where we're amateurs we'll show our learning curve, but its all 100% outside!

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Introduction To Reloading

Reloading is both an art and science that can lead to better accuracy and lower ammunition costs.

Youth Dove Hunts In Alabama

Alabama DCNR puts on youth dove hunts all over the state. This article shows you how to get in on the action for free.

finding a fawn

When you find a fawn all alone, what should you do? This video shows a young fawn in August.

Roasting A Whole Hog

After your hog hunt you hopefully have something to cook. If you want to have fun and good eating here's our advice.

Make A BBQ Spit

A hog sized BBQ spit isn't easy to find and when you do find one they are not cheap. Here's how we made our own hog size BBQ spit.

Build Your BBQ Pit

Build your own hog sized BBQ pit in less than 30 minutes with easy to find materials. This versatile BBQ pit is easy to build, easy to disassemble.

ABOUT my outdoors online

My Outdoors Online is a subset of Internet Broadcasting Corporation, Inc. based in Birmingham AL and is used:

  1. To share ideas, experiences and thoughts about the great outdoors.
  2. As a testbed for new web technology.
  3. As a gateway drug for new business prospects.
  4. Other stuff as we think about it.

Gateway drug may not be the right word, but if you're ready to take control of your piece of the internet contact us to discuss your ideas!