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Build Your BBQ Pit

NOTE: Check your local ordinances before proceeding.

A quickie BBQ pit is easy to make using cinder blocks, a few cap blocks and a bit of sweat. Best of all, it can be simple enough to build that you can be cooking 30 minutes after you start stacking blocks. Measuring 3 blocks long, 2 blocks wide, 3 blocks high and enclosed all 4 sides our BBQ pit not only reflects heat back to your hog, it also helps prevent any wind from blowing ashes on your hog.

Step 1 - prepare your spot

Build your BBQ pit on a level spot in a big enough area so the BBQ Pit Master to comfortably walk around it while cooking. You also need to insure there are no fire hazards nearby that a hot ember could drift to and cause a fire. When you have your spot, level the BBQ pit area using a shovel, rake and a 4 foot level, remember, flat and level is good for a BBQ pit!

If you're building your BBQ Pit in nice grass, you may want to remove the grass carefully so you can plant it somewhere else or put it back when you're BBQ is complete.

Step 2 - Build the BBQ Pit perimeter

Using your cinder blocks, build your perimeter row by row. This is where your level ground comes into play because if your ground isn't level it will be difficult to build a sound structure. Our BBQ pit was a rectangle 3 blocks long by 2 blocks wide.

Step 3 - Lay the bottom

This is an optional step if you've removed all the grass in the pit area, but we did it anyway. Lay out your cap blocks in the bottom of your BBQ pit so you have a solid, level bottom for your coals to lie on.

Step 4 - Add your spit rests

Since your BBQ spit is probably round it could be tough to keep in place, so make a "spit rest" out of a 4X4 about 24 inches long by cutting a groove in it's top for the spit to rest in. This completes your BBQ pit and you're 1 step closer to your hog roast!

Total time, about 30 minutes and when your done and the blocks have cooled you can disassemble your BBQ pit and store it until you're ready to roast something else.

30 cinder blocks ($1.40 ea)

12 8X16 cap blocks ($1.50 ea)

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