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Make A BBQ Spit

A BBQ spit to roast a chicken is easy to find. But, if you went into the woods, found a dangerous wild hog, killed it then brought it home to feast on, you're going to need a BBQ spit that isn't so easy to find!

As soon as we scheduled our wild hog hunt with Alabama Hog Control, I started preparing to BBQ a hog in our back yard, and I knew I would need to find a hog sized BBQ spit. Finding a spit wasn't difficult thanks to the internet and google, but coming to grips with the price tag attached to a commercial grade spit was difficult and sent my Plan A down in flames.

Plan B was to rent a BBQ spit. You would think renting a pig sized BBQ spit in a large city, in the deepest part of the deep south (Birmingham AL), would be easy. Everyone I asked just turned their palms up, scratched their bald spots and said "I dunno where to find something like that". Plan B went "POOF"

I've always considered myself a fairly ingenuous person, so we immediately went to "Plan C" and began building a BBQ spit from scratch in our basement. The BBQ spit we came up with can easily be made in any decently equipped basement in less than an hour.

When you build your BBQ spit, DO NOT use galvanized pipe because it could pose some health risks!

We used copper to build our BBQ spit because it's easy to work with and it won't do bad things to your food. This BBQ spit is easy to make and you'll need to know how to cut copper pipe, sweat it together and drill holes in a round pipe. If you don't, these are fun and easy skills to learn and you may even have a friend who can help you put it together.

Follow the instructions below refer to the photos below as you're building your spit, and finally, if you need clarification on any step send me an email and I'll do my best to help.

Step 1. Make sure you have the materials and tools listed below, then start your project by sweating the 1" to 1/2" reducer onto your 1" copper pipe.

Step 2. Sweat your tees to the reducer. Each tee should be turned 90 degrees from the previous tee.

Step 3. Sweat the 6" X 1/2" pipes to each tee.

Step 4. Sweat the 90 degree elbows to the 6" pipes. The elbows should point away from the 1" pipe.

Step 5. Sweat the 3" extensions to the 90 degree elbows.

Step 6. Drill 2 holes for your 1/8 inch carriage bolts in the 1" copper pipe. Hole #1 should be located about 12" back from the 1" to 1/2" adapter, hole #2 should be about 6 feet from the adapter. Each hole should be drilled parallel to one set of the 6 inch pipes (and parallel to each other). Put one nut on each carriage bolt and put the carriage bolts thru the holes then add another nut so the carriage bolts are secure.

Your done! Go roast your hog!

Materials you'll need to make a BBQ Spit

1" copper pipe 10 feet long

1/2" copper pipe 5 feet long

4 1/2" copper 90 degree elbows

4 1/2" copper tees

1 1" to 1/2" copper adapter

2 1/8" X 6" completely threaded carriage bolts

4 1/8" nuts for carriage bolts

Tools you'll need

Pipe cutter

sodering torch

lead free flux

lead free soder

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